Musical Futures Concerts and Events 2022/23

Musical Futures is a series of concerts and events that explore the future of music-making, digital creativity, and new ways to perform, experience, and interact with music.


1 March @ the Tung - The Garden of Earthly Delights

concert talk Inspired by Bosch's famous painting, preeminent composer Trevor Wishart presents a contemporary comic opera which explores our contemporary situation, traversing an audio-maze of human predicaments. Projected in sound-surround, the work features the voices of politicians, tramps, call-centre operatives, talent contest hosts, and the Oracle. An in-person Q&A with the composer will follow the performance. Book Tickets.

27 March 11:30am @ the Tung – Turtle Song

concert Turtle Song is a songwriting project for people living with memory problems and all forms of dementia as well as their companions. Over a period of 8 weeks, we work with a group of people living with dementia and their caregivers to write lyrics and music together. The original songs composed during this period are performed in a final sharing/performance. An incredible opportunity to listen to new music loaded with memories of Liverpool. More information.

26 April 1:00pm @ the Tung - Live Performances of Music composed with Artificial Intelligence

concert talk This experimental concert will present a set of original pieces created by a team of composers, computer scientists and researchers using AI algorithms that are now being used across the world to create music with machines. These algorithms analyse large corpora of music written by humans and learn to compose new music in different music styles. We will explore how the choice of these corpora and the intervention of humans in the AI composition process affect the music that machines create and the implications it has in terms of authorship and copyright. Book Tickets.

5 May @ the Tung - Riot Ensemble Residency Launch Concert

concert This concert marks the launch of a new ensemble in residency scheme in the music department. Over the next three years the preeminent London-based Riot Ensemble will be working with music department staff and students to generate new musical works and new research. The fruits of these efforts will be on display for audiences at concerts and events at the Tung for the foreseeable future. This inaugural concert will debut the residency and feature collaborative work with music department staff and ensemble musicians. Book Tickets.

12 June 7:00pm @ the Tung - Changing Landscapes

concert This concert will premier an eclectic mixture of new music written by postgraduate students at the University of Liverpool as well as composers/performers who live and work in Liverpool with a specific focus on bringing together musicians from different musical backgrounds. Given the ever-changing landscape of contemporary music, now, more than ever, collaboration, representation, and the wide variety of aesthetics which exist in the modern world need emphasis. As such, the music chosen for this concert (some of which was collaboratively composed) includes a wide range of musical influences from four vastly different composers. Book Tickets.


23 November 7:30pm @ the Tung - Ensemble Decibel

concert Australian new music ensemble Decibel focus on the integration of acoustic and electronic instruments in chamber music performance. They will be playing a new work by University of Liverpool staff member Paul Turowski, works by composers from within the ensemble, and as other leading composers. Book Tickets.

30 November 1:00pm @ the Tung - Carlo Mombelli

concert Renowned South African composer and bassist Carlo Mombelli presents a selection of works that 'allow us to travel to imaginary places.' Mombelli will be joined by Music department lecturers Richard Worth and Jonathan Crossley as well as South African drummer Jonno Sweetman. Book Tickets.

2 December 7:30pm @ the Tung - Inhale

concert Guitarist and composer Jonathan Crossley launches his new album ‘Inhale’ at the Tung auditorium. The album was recorded in April and June, in Johannesburg South Africa, at Flame studios which are built into the very cells that housed Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi under apartheid. Crossley is joined by Carlo Mombelli on bass and Jonno Sweetman on drums. Nick Horsten contributed additional composition and strings were by the Johannesburg Philharmonic. The album releases digitally on the 18th of November with a limited print run of vinyl’s available at the launch. Book Tickets.

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